Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shocks Tourists In Coolest Celeb Video Ever!

'One of the cool parts of fame.'

The Rock shocked the hell out of tourists on a bus tour in Hollywood. Most local tours drive through the most expensive neighborhoods in L.A., including where the ‘Jumanji’ star lives.


"Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?" the muscular star said when he pulled up alongside the unexpecting tour bus.

The actor is such a gracious guy that he actually stays right in the middle of the road so the whole bus can get their cellphones in a great position to get a shot.



Love pullin’ up in my pick up truck beside all these tour buses that tour my neighborhood and surprising the heck outta people!!" "One of the cool parts of fame & my job ~ makin’ a few folks happy.

The 'Jungle Cruise' actor recently weighed in on the viral celebrity shower debate, and thankfully, he showers regularly and probably smells great.

If you happen to run into the big man, the chances are that he will be friendly and clean... that's more than we can say for other celebrities!