On Saturday, Ross Mathews and his husband, Dr. Wellinthon García, officially got married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This Almar Resort beachside was where the couple first met two years ago.

The couple struggled with deciding on the wedding venue since Mathews lives in LA and García in NYC.

The couple invited 130 guests and were surprised and excited to see up to 110 people in attendance.

Drew Barrymore agreed to be their flower girl on an episode of the Drew Barrymore show and was excited.

The couple’s parents were represented by García’s father, who walked them down the aisle.

Celebrity wedding planner Micheal Russo coordinated the wedding.

Mathews recalled crying when writing his vows to García because of how much he loved him.

The couple will spend some time with their guests in Puerto Vallarta and then go to Las Alamandas resort for their honeymoon.