Drew Barrymore, 47, is one of the most liked and loved celebrities out there.

So it's a bit surprising to see her get slammed by her fans and followers on Instagram, but this happened.

Now Drew Barrymore is crying. Over a window.

Recently, Barrymore acquired an apartment, and she seems to be taking a personal interest in redecorating herself.

But before the redecorating, it's off the old, and Barrymore got to swinging the hammer herself.

Bam went the tiles, and the cupboards, and everything she could swing at with gusto, with the accompaniment of grunts.

Instagram called her out on all the waste, saying all of this could have been pried off and donated to someone in need.

But when she broke some drywall to reveal a window and light, and then got emotional over it, IG rallied around her.

Now, Instagrammers found Barrymore’s bawling over the window the purest thing on the Internet. How things change!