Phil McGraw rose to fame in the 1990s after appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s talk-show.

He then started his own show, the “Dr. Phil Show” in 2002.

His show is aimed at helping people with mental health issues, family troubles and improving people’s quality of life.

Buzzfeed News reported that several former and current employees have been mentally and emotionally scarred from working on the day-time talk show.

The outlet reports, “a dozen current and former employees say they experienced verbal abuse in a workplace that fosters fear, intimidation, and racism.”

Per BF’s report, 11 of the anonymous employees suffer from mental health issues.

Another former employee explained that everyone was “just pretty miserable.”

None of the current and former employees of the “Dr. Phil Show” saw McGraw himself exude toxic or abusive behavior in the workplace.

Other employees claimed they were screamed at an berated by executive producer Carla Pennington.