Doja Cat revealed in an interview that she would be releasing a new album but not in the genre fans were used to.

She noted that she was done with doing pink and soft things, including the pop genre.

She expressed interest in going in a masculine direction, although she did not give further details on when it would be released.

She also noted that there would be more rap on the upcoming project and referenced her song "Vegas," which incorporated parts of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog."

Doja disclosed that she planned to explore more punk but clarified that she did not mean pop-punk.

She also expressed interest in plastic surgery and stated that she did not think doing it meant one was inauthentic.

The singer let fans know that she had plans to get her boobs done during the Winter period for her tops to fit better.

She responded to critics who had something to say about her newly shaved hair with a few choice words.

The star's heated message, which has been deleted, was met with support from fans.