Reveals ‘Insecurity’ About Recording A Rap Album

Doja Cat

She's revealing her vulnerable side while preparing to record.

Doja Cat sat down for an interview with Missy Elliot and revealed that she doesn't have the music icon's confidence about her lyrics.



When it comes to rap, I could be better. I think everybody feels that way with their own art, in all kinds of ways,  she said.

“I should focus on my pen now more than ever. I’m good, and I can be funny and charming, and I can do little punchlines here and there, but I need to talk about my life more."

Missy Elliot then tried to lift Doja up and explained there wasn't really a "lane" for her when she started rapping.

— Missy

“Sometimes you gotta take a chance. I never felt like I fit in, period. I don’t think there was a lane for the music that we did. The only reason they found a lane is because I was rapping.”

Ultimately, the 'Get Ur Freak On' rapper advised Doja to “create your own lane.” Noting that “It probably won’t ever fit, but people will love it.”