Dog the Bounty Hunter

Still Going Through with Wedding Amid Family Drama

He went and obtained a marriage license.

According to reports, Dog filed for a marriage license at the recorder’s office of his local courthouse in Colorado as he prepares to walk down the aisle with Francie Frane.

The wedding is scheduled for Sept. 2 … but the whole family won’t be attending.

Dog and his bride-to-be intentionally left out his daughters from the wedding.

Bonnie Jo and Cecily Chapman are at odds with their father and his fiancée after Dog was terminated from his new reality show over alleged racist behavior.

Although Dog was fired, his daughters continued to participate in the show – which has completely divided the family.

Bonnie claims her mother's death, Beth Chapman, has sent Dog back into a tailspin of bad behavior, alleging racism and threats of violence against herself and others.

Instead of patching things up with his daughters, Dog is allegedly focused on starting a new family with his fiancée.