Dog The Bounty Hunter

Prepares For Upcoming Wedding, Spotted Tuxedo Shopping!

Duane Chapman is preparing to walk down the aisle.

Dog’s fiancée, Francie Frane, shared a pic outside of a local tuxedo shop near the couple’s Colorado home, pointing out that the reality star is almost ready for his big day!


“We’re Getting Ready !!!!!,” Frane captioned the photo. Dog's posed in front of the tux shop's sign with a giant grin on his face.

The star broke the news that he is getting married on the ‘Two Guys From Hollywood’ podcast, where he announced the couple would tie the knot on September 2.

“We went to the venue yesterday, picked it out,” he said. Adding, “Man, it cost a lot to get married.”


Dog lost his longtime wife, Beth Chapman, to cancer in June 2019. The reality star later met his current fiancee, who also lost her husband to the same disease. 

“I felt very bad about even wanting to have someone else after Beth,” he said at the time. Dog searched the Bible to find happiness going forward.