isn’t just searching for suspected killer Brian Laundrie, he is now offering a cash reward for tips on his exact location.

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman wants his fans to help him find Gabby Petito’s fiancé so badly, he is offering up $10,000 for tips leading to his arrest.

According to reports, the money will not just be for tips directly sent to Dog and his team but added to the standing reward, which has ballooned to over $100,000.

Dog has been in Florida for several days, searching for the fugitive. The chase started with a trip to Brian’s parents’ home, where they promptly called 911 on the reality star.

A tip lead the team to a nearby campground where they allegedly uncovered evidence that Brian might have stayed there at some point.

Following the campsite search, Dog gathered new intelligence which pointed to Brian possibly hiding out on an island near the coast of Florida.

Interestingly, the team used search dogs in their manhunt and came up with a used Monster Energy can, which they believe might be connected to the fugitive.

Dog is still on the island searching and says the rough terrain is slowing him down. Of course, the team believes they are getting very close to the capture.