Dionne took to Twitter to inform her fans that she would soon have a date for the release of her gospel duet with Dolly, titled 'Peace Like a River.'

She also appealed to them to keep their eyes and ears open after stating that she had just returned from L.A. for the recording.

The announcement prompted an avalanche of happy reactions from her fans, who replied to the tweet.

One person said they would enjoy listening to a duet between the duo, and another said they could not wait for it.

A third fan expressed love for Dionne, and a fourth posted a meme of Madea saying 'h*ll to the yeah.'

Two others simply focused on her 'glow' and how 'adorable' she looked while cementing their anticipation for the single.

Dionne led the joint campaign between Tiktok and the UNHCR with her song, 'What The World Needs Now (Is Love).'

The single would be used by the TikTok community to make videos supporting solidarity between global refugees.

The social media platform has a page that provides information about supporting and donating to the cause.