On Monday, May 9, Diddy announced on Instagram that he championed Travis Scott's booking for the Billboard Music Awards

Scott has not had any televised performances since the Astroworld Festival tragedy of November 2021.

At the festival, a crowd rush made ten fans lose their lives while hundreds were injured.

Diddy made a demand as the executive producer of the Billboard Music Awards to have Scott perform.

The "Pandemonium" artist said, "There will be no canceling on my watch. Love is about forgiveness."

Scott will perform alongside stars including Burna Boy and Mary J. Blige at the ceremony holding May 15.

Diddy was announced as the host and executive producer of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Instagram.

The star called himself "the host with the most" and "the ringmaster, P.T. Barnum style!”

The "I Need A Girl" singer also promised the public a disruptive lineup at the upcoming show.