Superstar musician and actress Lady Gaga seemingly snubbed Caitlyn Jenner at a recent event.

Fans think Gaga’s treatment of Jenner is related to Jenner’s anti-gay statements and stance.

Jenner and Gaga bumped into each other at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party.

Jenner asked Gaga why she hadn’t seen her at their local Starbucks recently, and Gaga said she changed baristas.

The video went viral, and people compared Gaga’s statements to Mariah Carey’s infamous diss.

Many people reposted the video on Twitter and made tweets commenting on the interaction.

Fans think the snub is tied to Jenner’s anti-gay statements, which she made to Ellen DeGeneres.

Jenner later tried to clear up the air during an interview with Diane Sawyer and in a statement on her website.

Gaga was at the viewing party after she skipped the Oscars red carpet due to her “House of Gucci” snub.