Miley Cyrus' "Flowers" debuted as the number-one self-love anthem of the year.

Other than hitting the top spot on Spotify and most other billboards, it has also sparked a million fan theories about it being revenge against Liam Hemsworth.

 The singer has not commented on any of the stories abounding, but her sister Brandi Cyrus has certainly acknowledged them.

In a podcast, Brandi felt the fan theories about the song made Miley sound like a “genius.”

She did admit that it was released on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday but did not speculate if it was deliberate or not.

Miley herself has not alluded to any such “revenge” and instead wrote on Instagram that the song was a tribute to her fans.

Dancer Jenna Dewan cannot get the song out of her head, as she danced to it in an Instagram video.

Meanwhile it was Diane Keaton who won over hearts with her impromptu backyard groove.

The 77-year-old showed some killer moves as she thanked Miley Cyrus for giving her a reason to dance in her backyard!