Derek Hough Longtime girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, teased him on his outfit to a major event.

Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, was the epitome of rock and roll style in his prime.

A British Vogue stylist referred to Freddie's style as highly concentrated and always tight.

Derek tailored his Queen's  outfit in the style of Freddie's daring fashion sense.

His Longtime girlfriend Erbert, took to the comment section to tease his outfit in a humour Banter.

For years, the Nashville star had been tight-lipped about his plans to propose to his girlfriend.

The actor hinted at an impending proposal in 2019. The couple disclosed that they only got stronger during the lockdown period.

He then asked his fans to choose between his outfit with a jacket on or without the jacket.

In the comments area of Hough's post, many fans debated on their preference of his Queen-inspired look.