Demi Lovato made waves this year when they came out as non-binary and now they are breaking all molds.

On December 24th, Lovato debuted an even shorted haircut, buzzed right down to their scalp via an Instagram post and later, a story.

For them, short hair is another way to break away from the stereotypes of gender and helps to see how they rock it fiercely.

Just a few hours ago, Jada Pinkett Smith also took to Instagram to speak about her alopecia, and how she will now rock a buzz cut.

In her video, Smith points to a “crown line” in her scalp where she has lost hair and how she and alopecia were now going to be friends.

While one of Jada’s fans called it her “tiara line”, fans are very supportive of Demi Lovato and their “fierce look”.

Many fans also said it was refreshing to see honesty from celebrities, and plain talk is always appreciated.

While other celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman have shave their locks for movies before, for Lovato and Smith, the reasons are more personal.

But both Smith and Lovato managed to rock their new look with ease, and have become an inspiration for many.