Delilah Hamlin has one thing on her Christmas list this year… MONEY!

The star of actor Harry Hamlin and reality TV star, Lisa Rinna, is begging her parents to fork over money to pay for her “trauma therapy.”

In a TikTok video reposted by Instagram account @GlorifiedGossipGirl, Delilah can be seen looking down at her phone camera.

On top of the video she added the following, “Unrealistic things I want for Christmas for my parents to pay for my trauma therapy.”

GlorifiedGossipGirl captioned the video, “Honestly, good for her. Call them out.”

Delilah was encouraged by ‘GGG’ to continue to speak out.

“Keep being a platform for people to come out with their issues and not be ashamed. And take their damn credit card and charge that therapy,” ‘GGG’ wrote.

The usual outspoken Rinna has yet to post any kind of response to this on social media.

On Sunday, December 12, she posted a new TikTok video where she apologizes for “acting weird for the past several months” and then says she’s “struggling mentally.”