The comedian made his plan known at a recent show he held in Buffalo, New York.

The proceeds from the show ticket sales would go to the pocket of those who lost loved ones during the May 14 mass shooting in a Buffalo supermarket.

The shoot resulted in the death of ten people and left three others injured.

News of the good deed came after a 911 dispatcher was accused of hanging up on a woman’s call to the emergency line.

The caller tried to call 911 to report what was happening within the walls of the supermarket at the time of the shooting.

The dispatcher was placed on administrative leave after their story went viral on news outlets.

Amid that drama, celebrities have called out for better gun control laws in The States.

Stars like Bette Midler, Patton Oswalt, and Selena Gomez dropped their thoughts via Twitter.

The ten people who died in the shooting have since been identified.