Daisy Ridley, 29, is best known for playing Rey in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy.

Her latest project is an audiobook thriller called “Zoetrope.”

While plugging her new voice acting role, she answered questions about “Star Wars.”

She revealed that she recently had lunch with Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm.

It remains to be seen if that is just a friendly outing or a hint at Rey’s future.

She also revealed that she texts actress Jodie Comer “all the time.”

Comer played Ridley’s mother in a flashback, but the two shared no scenes together

Comer is best known for her role on “Killing Eve,” which won her an Emmy and a BAFTA.

Comer also stars in “The Last Duel” with “Star Wars” co-star Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren / Ben Solo.