Colton Haynes is baring his soul in his upcoming memoir!

The “Arrow” star opened up about the difficult challenges he faced as young man in Hollywood trying to fit in.

According to Haynes he had to hide his sexuality in order to stand a chance at success in Hollywood.

Haynes said acting straight worked for him as he got a starring role in the widely popular MTV show, “Teen Wolf.”

After coming out as gay, Haynes said the good roles and endorsement deals stopped coming.

Haynes went through a long period of drug abuse after the death of his mom.

He also attempted suicide by overdosing on Xanax and Oxytocin backed with tequila.

Fortunately, Haynes has gotten clean and is out to tell the world his story in his new memoir, “Miss Memory Lane,” available, May 31st.

Colton Haynes will also star in the upcoming “Teen Wolf” movie set for release later this year on Paramount+.