Cole Sprouse admits he’s a people pleaser.

During his sit-down interview with Alex Cooper on this week’s episode of “Call Her Daddy,” the former Disney Channel star opened up about his past relationships, losing his virginity and the lessons he’s learned after splitting from Lili Reinhart.

He became a serial monogamist after losing his virginity at age 14.

Despite his overnight fame as an adult actor on “Riverdale,” Sprouse said he’s never been the “one night stand” kind of guy.

However, he did say he’s been cheated on by “almost every single one of my girlfriends.”

The “Six-feet Apart” actor said it was mostly emotional cheating that took place, but his first girlfriend physically cheated on him.

He found out about the emotional cheating through text messages.

Cooper then asked, “If all your exes were in this room right now at this time, what would they say about you?”

Without missing a beat, he admittedly said, “That probably most of my relationships had a stronger sexual foundation than emotional foundation.”