CNN’s Don Lemon is in hot water with fans.

He is a personal friend of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

When Smollett first said he was a victim of a hate crime, Lemon admitted to texting him “every day.”

However, police soon began investigating the hate crime, believing it to be a hoax.

Lemon texted Smollett to let him know that he was being investigated by police.

Smollett testified on Monday that the text was a key factor in not turning phone records over to police.

The text from Lemon tipped off Smollett that the police did not believe his story.

“Did you do for @JussieSmollett what @ChrisCuomo did for his sexual assaulting brother @andrewcuomo?” one user tweeted.

“@donlemon used his @CNN status and resources to help a man who faked an attack,” added another.