Christina Hall got together with Joshua Hall shortly after her divorce was finalized to ex-husband Ant Anstead.

She revealed to her friend and property manager, James, on the premiere of her titular show that they were legally married months ago.

During the show's confessional, she said they decided to keep the courthouse ceremony private and have a reception later.

They held a lovely seaside wedding at Merriman's Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii, surrounded by friends and family.

The star also hinted at new cast members in the current season, including her beau.

Hall noted that they would delve into their personal and professional lives and expand her show to the countryside.

The reality TV star celebrated the fourth of July by posting a picture of her sweetheart and a fun video.

The image showed the former police officer standing with his arms outstretched with his arm and leg tattoos on display.

The happy clip featured her kids dancing as her two boys, Brayden and Hudson, showed off their acrobatic skills on the lawn.