Christina Hall took to her page to clear the air and bring an end to the assumptions of why she stopped posting her son.

Her ex-husband accused the star of exploiting their son's image for monetary gains, leading to a bitter fight for custody.

Hall noted that no one, even a judge, told her that she could not post her son Hudson's pictures.

Instead, she chose not to post his pictures because they were purposely misinterpreted and used against her.

She also stated that her abilities as a mother were judged unnecessarily and that the situation had nothing to do with advertisements.

The reality TV star posted a Fall-themed family portrait but covered the three-year-old's face with an emoji.

Anstead posted a slew of pictures of Hudson on his page with his grandfather despite having a no-posting policy for his ex-wife.

Followers criticized the boy's father for posting when he had accused his ex-wife of doing the same thing.

He responded that he never asked her not to post but that his son's pictures were not for sale.