Christina Aguilera talked about her new Spanish song, “Pa Mis Muchachas,” in a recent Billboard interview.

“Pa Mis Muchachas” is the first track from Aguilera’s forthcoming LP.

The singer dropped the music video on Friday, featuring Becky G, Nathy Peluso, and Nicki Nicole.

Aguilera spent a few months in Miami, Florida to reconnect with her Latin roots.

The new studio album came 20 years after her first Spanish studio album Mi Reflejo.

“It’s been a project that I wanted to follow up for so long but I’m so happy that it’s happening now as a grown woman," Aguilera said of the album.

Aguilera also admitted that her new release felt “intimidating and scary” as she “don't write in Spanish the way I do in English.”

The singer also explained how she picked singers Nathy Peluso, Becky G, and Nicki Nicole.

Aguilera said she picked the three women because of their “talent” and “strength.