Chrissy Teigen is once again being called out by people who feel she is being ‘inappropriate’ and ‘thirsty.’

The mother-of-two was enjoying some bath time with her kids, Luna and Miles, on Thursday, December 9.

She posted a photo to Instagram of the three of them in a big bubble bath.

Chrissy was covered in bubbles from the chest down, and her children were covered by the bath water as well.

She captioned the photo, “not pictured: endless bickering.”

“Nope, not appropriate in front of your son!” one replied.

Another wrote, “Bickering with your kids is normal. Taking a bath with your kids is not.”

“So thirsty she’s even got the kids involved,” commented another disgusted person.

Other people left comments such as, “TMI,” “Keep it private” and “Here we go again with the pictures.”