Chrissy Teigen posted a picture of one of her dogs on Instagram earlier today.

She featured her furry friend named Penny, who was happily posing for the camera.

She wrote in the caption: “She’s not dead!! Just awesome. Penny should be around 9 years old this year and she’s a wonderful lady.”

Teigen continued: “I don’t know if I’ve ever really shared the story of us getting this 3-legged dream, but many years ago, someone tagged me in a photo of her to amplify her adoption.”

The model also shared how the previous caretaker treated them.

Teigen recalled: “I remember the rescue lady who fostered her not loving the idea of a touring musician having her, as she definitely thought all musicians were wild and crazy party people bahahahhaah.”

She added: “She made John’s tour bus stop in her town so she could see for herself how truly boring we are lol. anyhoo, we are grateful to her (I believe the rescue was called Noah’s Ark!) and for our lucky penny.”

Teigen and her husband John Legend got Penny seven years ago.

The couple has two other dogs named Puddy, an English Bulldog, and Pearl, a basset hound.