Chrissy had taken to Instagram to announce the birth of her third child with John with a pic of her two older kids holding the baby girl.

Although the news gladdened the hearts of fans, a few of them raised their concerns about the couple naming their daughter Esti.

After one person congratulated them, they admitted that the name is a ‘bad word’ in French.

Another user commented, ‘omg « esti » is a curse word in french. НАНАНАННАНА,’ and a third added, ‘Québécois be like 👀🙊.’

A bilingual chick noted ‘I guess nobody told @chrissyteigen that her daughter's name sounds the same as the French Canadian swear word "Hostie", which is the wafer given at communion.’

The cookbook author opted to limit the comments on her announcement post amid the controversy.

Chrissy took to Twitter to launch a search for where to purchase Ted Lasso biscuits.

An unnamed individual had previously gifted her a pack and the sweetness prompted the TV personality to find out to get more.

She also took to Instagram to launch the search.