The Oscar slap continues to reverberate worldwide, although now, it's cracking the audience up rather than leaving them bewildered and in shock.

Smith took offense to a joke Rock cracked on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald head, and strode on stage to smack him down, leaving everyone shocked.

At the time, many thought it was a scripted move but as Rock looked shaken, it was clear, that this was out of the blue.

Right after the incident. Rock started his Ego Death Tour, and at the very first appearance, he mentioned he was still processing the incident and speak when the time was right.

Recently, he made a reference to the incident after he raced to Dave Chappelle's side, who was attacked onstage during his performance at the "Netflix Is A Joke" festival.

At the time, Rock quipped, "I thought that was Will Smith!" eliciting plenty of titters from the audience and lightening the atmosphere.

On Thursday, he cracked another joke on Smith’s slap, saying, "I'm okay if anybody was wondering. Got most of my hearing back."

He also let loose roasting volleys at Amber Heard, saying we should believe all women but her.

Rock spoke about how Amber Heard’s defecation in bed was absolutely insane, and he minced no words about it, making it clear he’s on Depp’s side in this courtroom drama.