Before the Oscars debacle with Will Smith, Chris Rock got candid about controlling his emotions.

On a January episode of the "Fly On The Wall" podcast, Rock revealed he had a history of harassment.

The "Madagascar" actor said he was "bullied ridiculously" throughout his childhood.

Young Rock attacked a bully with a brick one day and almost killed him.

Rock realized in therapy that he let people walk all over him due to a fear of his anger.

The "Fargo" actor said he now expresses his emotions without losing his head.

Rock is experiencing a massive surge in sales for his upcoming "Ego Death World Tour" following the Oscars incident.

At the ceremony, Will Smith smacked the comedian over his comments about Jada's alopecia-induced hair loss.

Rock's website for the show raised tickets from 46 dollars to about 346 dollars amid a barrage of fan support.