Chris Hemsworth is on a roll these days, with "Thor: Love & Thunder" crossing all expectations at the Box Office, even with the critics.

Given that this character has given him so much fame, you'd think Thor would be his favorite superhero.

But nah, Hemsworth does not do things the conventional way, which is why his superhero is someone else, entirely.

For instance, he recently spoke about a generous co-star, and no, it wasn’t from the MCU, even if the name was Rocket.

Rocket is a pygmy marmoset that Chris carried around on his head.

Hemsworth is also very happy with the opening weekend success of ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ even if the second weekend is a tad dismal.

He took to Instagram to thank his fans for making it the number one movie, getting both bouquets and brickbats for the same.

His favorite superhero, is in the movie, and again, its not ‘Lady Thor’ aka Natalie Portman.

Turns out, Hemsworth adores Thunder, played by his daughter, India Rose, and she is his favorite superhero. Aww!