Chris Evans has handed over the reins to Anthony Mackie, his friend and longtime co-star.

Evans played Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, and Mackie was known in the MCU as Falcon.

Evans responded to a post by The Hollywood Reporter, which speculated whether he would reprise his former role.

Evans responded to the tweet with “Sam Wilson is Captain America,” hinting that his MCU era is over.

Some Marvel fans accept Mackie as the new Captain America, while many refuse to accept him.

Evans recently opened up about how it has been to move on from Captain America.

He said there is no one better than Mackie for the role and that he supports and believes in him.

Evans admitted that moving on from Captain America and the MCU has been a bittersweet experience.

He featured as the voice of action hero Buzz Lightyear in the recently released film “Lightyear.”