Singer Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to invest in the NFT market.

NFG, also known as “non-fungible token,” is believed to reproduce the traditional art collector/producer relationship, where people promote their favorite artists.

This art cannot be replicated – the artwork is in the blockchain world and people can buy the rights to the single piece of digital art.

Brown shared the first images of his recently-acquired digital art on Instagram

The artwork he posted was of a cartoon holding a handgun out of a car window.

The 32-year-old is working with a company called Meta Thugs, which has 10,000 limited edition different collectibles.

Brown’s interest in NFT comes from him meshing his music and visual art careers.

The “Run It!” singer features his own exclusive art pieces in and outside his homes.

Other celebrities who are investing in NFT include Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and Lil’ Baby.