Cheryl Burke took time to reveal the resources she uses on her mental health journey.

After going through a lot in 2022, from her divorce to leaving her long-time job at "DWTS," she had to get her mind right.

She said therapy, Bree Malanson's Online course, Diamond Painting, Transcendental meditation, and Brainwaves Binaural Beats App helped her on the journey.

The star noted that evolving and learning was something she was excited to do.

She advised that the only way to go was through, and filling one's cup was their responsibility.

Earlier, she confirmed that she had finally discovered self-love and was happy being on her own.

She stated that she chose a more conscious path after using bad habits like excessive drinking to cope.

The dancer noted that she was getting rid of the baggage from last year and heading into the new year with renewed energy.

She explained that 2022 almost broke her, but she came through victorious and could not wait to show the world.