Cheryl opened up about her possible exit from “Dancing with the Stars” after getting booted off its  ongoing 31st season.

She said her continuous return to the show was due to the difficulty of letting the only family she has ever known in Los Angeles go.

The dancer clarified that she was not leaving so she could have children, but to open herself up to better opportunities.

She added that she had done enough to be hired as host or a judge because the dance competition series ran for two hours without commercial breaks.

Cheryl and her partner spent two weeks at the bottom of the score table before eventually getting eliminated.

The actress has had other life troubles to deal with, including her divorce and the impending loss of her dog.

She opened up about her feelings and her intention to fight for the dog whom she considered her daughter.

As it turned out, the 38-year-old and her ex-husband might have to battle the dog’s custody in a court.

Cheryl filed for divorce from her ex, a former child star, in February citing irreconcilable differences.