Charlie Puth announced in a December 15 tweet that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Puth is not feeling great but assures fans that he thinks "the worst is behind" him.

The "Voicenotes" artist advised the public to stay safe and careful this holiday season.

Puth sent his love to his fans and promised to speak soon.

The "Attention" singer marked his birthday on December 2 with a raunchy underwear post.

The songwriter announced he is 30-years-old and that his album "Light Switch" was on the way.

Fans noticed Puth's underwear bulge and joked that his Only Fans would likely precede his album.

In another unfiltered Instagram post, the 30-year-old admitted to thinking "about sex 70,000 times" daily.

Users questioned if Puth's upcoming album would be sexy and praised him for his honesty.