Carrie-Anne Moss wants to work with Keanu Reeves on "John Wick."

She said, “I love John Wick,” in an interview.

The actress continued, “I really started to understand Keanu's outrageous gift for telling story through his body.”

Moss added, “And I didn't fully understand that until I went deep into John Wick with one of my children.”

Reeves also praised Moss’ character on “The Matrix.”

He said, “I'm going to stay with Trinity, I think. But in all your performances, your eyes, I always see what's behind the eyes, what communicates.”

The actor added, “And there's always such a present-ness and even in vulnerability, a strength.”

Moss also admitted that working with Reeves in a “John Wick” movie “would be awesome.”

To which, Reeves offered her to play as an “assassin.”