Cardi B is being praised and called an “angel” by one Bronx man.

The “WAP” rapper pledged to pay for the funeral costs of all 17 victims involved in the tragic apartment building fire.

One man, who lost five family members, is praising Cardi for being an “angel” during a dark time.

Haji Dukray spoke out about the rap star’s contribution. He lost his niece and her four family members.

“I will say, Cardi B you are an angel. I cannot thank you enough,” Dukray said.

He continued, “For you to step up and do what you did for us at this time, all I can do is pray to Allah for you.”

Dukray has five family members to bury which he said is very daunting.

“We all know how expensive that could be. And for me not to worry about the cost at all, was just a huge, huge help.”

On January 9, 2022, a raging fire ripped through a 120-unit tower in the apartment complex and killed 17 people.