Cardi B posted a set of pictures on her Instagram feed today.

The rapper shared the stunning outfits she wore the the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The pieces were made by iconic French designer, Thierry Mugler.

In her tribute, she wrote: “Mr. Mugler was one of the FIRST designers to take a major chance on me, allowing me to wear one of his ICONIC archive pieces for my Grammy red carpet look in 2019.”

She continued: “Over the years me, him and Kollin created even more fashion moments but nothing tops being able to finally meet him in person last year in Paris at his museum exhibit.”

Cardi went on and revealed she was “second-guessing if I should go the whole time leading up to that trip.”

She explained: “I had just given birth to my son like three weeks prior and wasn't feeling 100% like myself but something in my spirit kept saying ‘GO.’"

Cardi noted: “Maybe God knew that if I didn't go then I may have never had the opportunity to thank him for everything he did and the doors he opened for me.”

Mugler died on January 23 in Vincennes, France of natural causes.