Penn Badgley, the star of Netflix’s “You” recently spoke about social media at an event.

Badgley mentioned how his character in “You”, Joe Goldberg easily uses social media to advance his intentions with the person he loves, or rather stalks.

In real life, Badgley believes that his social media skills are rather poor.

He mentioned Cardi B and felt that the way she made authentic connections on social media was amazing, and it was perhaps why people loved her.

He felt that social media was a rather nuanced place to be and Cardi B managed to stand out by being real.

A fan posted his video on Twitter, remarking how Badgley “stans” Cardi B.

Cardi B reposted the fan tweet, and gushed about the mention. She felt that considering Badgley “knows” her, she was “famous, famous”.

Of course, with more than 112 million followers on Instagram, the world already knows Cardi B and her music.

Penn Badgley also reposted Cardi B’s tweet, but with less words and more of a speechless simp, simply writing, “I-”.