Brittney Griner will reportedly spend the next nine years of her life in one of the harshest prison settings in the world.

The 32-year-old sports star was sentenced to a general regime colony prison in Russia for hash oil possession at an airport in Moscow.

Per People Magazine, the prison condition is much harsher normal, and ex-inmates like Sarah Krivanek and Galina Yakovlena confirmed this.

Griner, who is gay, will have a hard time in the correctional center due to severe homophobia.

According to ex-inmate, Yakovlena, the authorities could move her to an isolation cell for disobeying the law.

She also revealed a language barrier among the inmates since it received several foreigners from time to time.

Yakovleva explained that it would be easy to bond with the other inmates since they all lived in similar conditions.

Ivan Melnikov, an ICHR rep, noted that an inmate could be "rewarded for good behavior after three or four years by being sent to a settlement colony."

Amidst the reports about bullying and prison fights, he believes the system would protect her as a world champion.