Just hours after Spears revealed all on Instagram with full-frontal nudity, she's worried about covering up a bit more.

Recently freed from a 13-year conservatorship, Britney Spears has been painting the town red.

She first went out to dinner dressed sedately in a dress and ate sushi so good, it made her cry.

After wondering if “food is God”, Spears became a goddess on Instagram, by stripping down to bare boots, literally.

She posted two pictures of her, in the nude, with her hands and emojis covering her bare essentials, feeling “free energy”.

Spears has turned off commenting on her Instagram since her sushi posts so fans could not admire or troll her for her actions, at least not directly.

While some feel it’s her body and her decision, others felt that her conservatorship may have ended a bit prematurely.

But now Spears is wondering if the new pink bikini she is strutting in, is a bit too much.

In her latest IG post, Britney Spears is not sure if her high-waisted bikini is quite the thing though she is happy that it can be worn low. Since the fans cannot comment, it has to her decision, alone.