Britney Spears may be a happily married woman today, but her Instagram posts show that she is still not quite healed yet.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Spears talked about mental health and felt glad that she was able to do so openly.

The "Toxic" singer did admit to moments of vulnerability and talked about how small things inspired her, while also mentioning she had a "huge forehead."

Spears began her post by posting a picture of a quote by Seattle artist Mackenzy Smith which inspired her.

Britney certainly loved the post, as she said, "This well-written caption touched my heart. I have no idea who she is but it was well written.

But before that, Spears also threw some shade at her mother, talking about how her voice filled her mind with doubt, even as a child.

Spears called it literally “drowning in confusion” and clearly, is not over about how her family treated her.

She also spoke about how she’d much rather talk to her friends than have therapy, saying a lot went on in her brain, behind that “huge forehead”.

Lastly, Spears did mention how blessed she was with Sam Asghari, as she talked about the books that inspired her.