Britney Spears uploaded another photo to her Instagram account, showing off a piece of decorative jewelry.

The singer, dressed in a stylish white top, held out a vintage cameo brooch.

She said that she uses the pin as her “ID at the moment.”

Britney also noted that she had the brooch for “six years” now, and that she wears it well.

The pin boasts a beautiful metal structure filled with colored stones, and in the center, contains the portrait of a woman.

Fans love the share as it racked up over 290,000 likes in less than a day.

She also got over 2,000 comments, and mostly were about her “freedom.”

Britney blamed her mother Lynne Spears for her conservatorship, which started 13 years ago.

Lynne placed all the blame on Britney’s dad, noting the brutal ordeal that Britney had went through, such as “a paltry unexplained weekly allowance, the type of phone she was allowed ...