Britney Spears publicly admonished Christina Aguilera for avoiding answering if she has contacted her post-conservatorship.

Aguilera's interview clip surfaced, showing her publicist moving her away while she said she couldn't comment.

Spears reposted the clip, writing that silence despite knowing the truth is equivalent to a lie.

Spears thanked her supporters, adding that she matters. However, Aguilera showed love through a June tweet.

After her 13-year conservatorship ended on November 12, the "Britney" singer updated Instagram with a selfie.

The "Glee" actress shared a photo in her backyard, which fans said had a "freedom glow."

Spears debuted a new hairdo which fans believe is tied to her previously teased Oprah interview.

Lady Gaga wants to collaborate with Spears, who inspired her youth with her powerful sexuality.

84% of people want Spears to be crowned Person of The Year, a TIME's poll revealed.