Britney Spears is celebrating becoming Mrs. Sam Asghari, and the party started at the wedding itself, especially when Britney decided to go pantless.

Her latest Instagram post is a nod to the same, as she also tells the naughty reason why she went pantless in the first place, and it's a diamond thong.

The video shows her dancing to some rather iconic songs, for iconic moments, and fans could not be more pleased about her "fierce" looks.

The one thing that truly blew fans away, was the fact that Madonna and Britney were seen jiving to Madonna's hit classic, "Like A Virgin".

To many, this seemed even more important than the recreated kiss between the queen and princess of pop.

One of Britney's images of her dancing with one of the members of her troupe, Willi Lopez attracted a lot of attention,

It showed her wearing nothing more than a black jacket/dress, and shucking pants altogether.

So very tongue-in-cheek, Brit took to Instagram to tell her fans why she went pantless in the first place that showed her dancing, pantless, with Madonna and Sam Asghari.

Wrote the "Toxic" singer, "LIVING IS GIVING … pssst don’t worry I had my first diamond thong underneath my jacket … hope I didn’t offend anyone.”