Britney Spears updated Instagram that she is most prayerful for her November 12 conservatorship hearing.

The star previously called out her mother Lynne Spears for inspiring father Jamie Spears about conservatorship.

Britney apologized for her "human" outbursts adding that people would do so in her shoes.

The singer shared a picture of spiritual art wishing fans a good day and God's blessings.

Britney updated Instagram with two full-length bedroom photos of herself in a yellow thong.

The "Womanizer" artist took the steamy photos with a timed "real photography camera."

Britney backed the camera, pulling her blonde hair forward and showing her full slender frame.

Britney's legal team, spearheaded by Matthew Rosengart, sued Lou Taylor's Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment.

Rosengart filed for misappropriation of funds and privacy infringement, which the management denied.