Britney Spears was a veritable Cinderella in her fairytale wedding to Sam Asghari, and as the pictures and the videos start to seep in, the lore of Disney is strong.

The flower-covered balustrade, the horse-drawn pumpkin carriage, and the handsome prince, it's all there

And perhaps none of it could be possible without her girl gang, or should we call them 'Godmothers' or 'Good Fairies' a la Disney?

Britney and Sam Asghari officially became husband and wife on June 9th, and this was something the embattled pop queen had been wanting for a long time.

A high point of Britney's wedding was the girl gang guests and Brit only had nice things to say about them all, which they reciprocated.

Madonna, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Donatella Versace, all gathered together to make Britney’s wedding a memorable occasion.

Madonna and Britney recreated the kiss, and Britney gushed about all her beautiful guests, as they too took to Instagram to wish the happy couple.

Fans appreciated them coming to Britney’s wedding and called it an iconic show of girl power.

Meanwhile, Britney's latest IG post has clocked some 7 million views already as it showcases moments of her "Fairytales are real" wedding, and fans are getting the chills.