Britney Spears really let her hair down for her wedding, and we mean that literally too, as she stepped on the dance floor to shake her booty.

Once the formal event was done, Britney went pantless altogether, because she's Britney, b***h!

Britney's first official post of her wedding went up a day later, where she marked the post with a simple caption of the date, a dove, and a wedding ring: "06-09-2022”.

She also added the Instagram handles of Donatella Versace for her wedding dress, Charlotte Tilbury and Sofia Tilbury for the make-up, and Stephanie Gottlieb for the jewelry.

Britney made several outfit changes post the wedding, including a red dress with lovely fringe sleeves, a green fitted dress, and a black shirt robe dress.

Her girl gang included Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore and the party certainly seemed wild enough.

Britney also uploaded pictures of her dancing with Willie Gomez, a dancer in her troupe and now a singer, choosing to go pantless and shoeless for the same.

For many of her fans, this was the picture she seemed happiest in, as Sam Asghari stands at the edge, looking in.

She posted another picture of her in the same outfit with her “girl crush” Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez, who she called “way prettier in real life.”