Britney Spears described an awkward encounter she had with a friend’s daughter.

She said the friend’s daughter asked her to make her a sandwich in the middle of the day.

When Britney was going about making the sandwich, the girl “sweetly suggests” no cheese.

When Britney asked why, the girl said that she was watching her calorie count.

Britney said, “That’s exactly what I did at 12 when I started watching my weight.”

She asked her friend about it, but her friend didn’t have the reaction she expected.

“She screams at you so freaking loud in front of her daughter and places all the silverware down so she can do so !!!!”

Her friend insisted Britney was trying to insinuate that her daughter had an eating disorder.

Fans had Britney’s back: “Actually, you did the right thing bringing that up. Too bad your friend couldn’t appreciate your insight.”