Brian Laundrie’s parents are trying to get access to the notebook found near where his remains were discovered.

A correspondent for News Nation Now named Brian Entin reported the news on Tuesday, November 4.

The reporter, who is based in Miami, tweeted out a series of tweets related to the Laundrie case.

“We still don’t know what is in the notebook. It was found near where Laundrie killed himself, according to the FBI,” Entin tweeted on Tuesday.

He continued, “Brian Laundrie's parents are trying to take possession of his notebook that is in FBI custody. Their attorney Steven Bertolino tells me this is part of a formal proceeding to administer Brian's estate.”

Entin’s also noted that Gabby Petito’s mother is trying to get her belongings from the Laundrie family.

He revealed, “Bertolino says, ‘Nichole Schmidt filed to obtain Gabby’s belongings that are in the Laundrie home or in police custody.”

Steve Bertolino is the Laundrie family lawyer

From all coroner’s and law enforcement reports Brian Laundrie is dead.